Meet Jenny Kroeger

My Philosophy

When I am with children, I am fully engaged. It is my job to experience the world through the eyes of the children with whom I am working. I am there to provide just the right kind of support that is needed at that moment knowing that, often, less is more. I am careful not to intrude on the children’s play or to help when my help is not truly needed. I believe that this kind of teaching helps children to become confident, self-sufficient, and creative.


With regard to discipline, I am firm, yet fair and will give your child space to be who she is but am also able to reign her in if her choices are hindering her. I will help your child process her emotions and make sense of difficult situations.  

The most important part of my philosophy is taking the time to truly get to know each child. Each child brings his own unique spirit to the group, and he will be treasured for who he is.


I was the coordinator of a summer camp for preschool children in Las Vegas before my formal teaching experience began. I then taught elementary school for five years in Nevada, West Virginia, and Africa (Kenya)  before becoming a coach for teachers. It was enriching helping other teachers grow, but I missed working with students of my own. My heart led me to a one-room schoolhouse in a small mountain town in Nevada. This was my favourite job but then I met my husband, which led me to Canada. I am grateful to be here and plan to stay in Caledon for a long time! I want to recreate the one-room schoolhouse environment, and Belfountain is the perfect setting to do just that. I am so excited to start Preschool Friends because I am confident that it will be an asset to the community and a light in my life.


Two inspirational people are Janet Lansbury and Teacher Tom. I have styles similar to them, so check out their blogs for insight into how I interact with children. Mr. Rogers is also a role model for me.

Rigbee Childminding Facility

When you walk into Rigbee Childminding, you will sense an atmosphere of calm, gentleness, and warmth.


I believe in simplicity – in my own life, but especially with regards to children. Our playroom has just enough toys and art supplies. I have found if I provide children with too many options, it often leads to distraction, over-stimulation, and less rich, cooperative, imaginary play.

The children who attend Preschool Friends will have a large, wild backyard to explore with lots of natural play structures such as steep hills, an abandoned greenhouse, a garden, rocky areas, grassy areas, tree stumps, and a small driveway. It is an ideal play area for preschool children. 

When we feel the need to venture farther, the facility is just down the street from Belfountain Conservation Area, and we have the beautiful River Rd to ride bikes along. There are two cafes a stone’s throw away if we are feeling indulgent, and Belfountain School is within walking distance for visits and collaboration with older students.


Imaginative Play Area

Reading Corner

Art Table

Blocks and Puzzles